Planning for the bicycle

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Planning for the bicycle
Traffic Authority of New South Wales
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In November, 1976 the Geelong Bike Plan, the first major study undertaken in Australia into how cyclists could be provided for in existing built-up urban areas, was published. This Bike Plan proposed that the provision of physical facilities was not enough to bring about significant improvements in the safety of cyclists but should be complemented by a range of non-engineering programs designed to im- prove the road sense and behaviour of all bicycle riders. Out of this proposition grew the concept of the 4E's of comprehensive bicycle planning, i.e. Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Encouragement. Since the publication of the Geelong Bike Plan comprehensive bicycle studies based on the 4E's concept have been undertaken in Melbourne, Adelaide and Newcastle and from these studies, there has evolved a distinct planning method for the preparation of the engineering component of the work. The purpose of this Bulletin is to describe the method with the view of providing assistance and guidance to Local Government Authorities in the planning of bicycle transport systems. The Bulletin may also be useful to Universities, Colleges of Advanced Education and other tertiary institutions who wish to in- clude a unit on bicycle planning in an appropriate course stream.
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