Technology transfer workshop Sydney, November 1994 : summary papers

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Technology transfer workshop Sydney, November 1994 : summary papers
Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales
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PAPERS Paper 1: Welcome from Director, Sydney Region Paper 2: Introduction of Competency Based Training and Assessment for Heavy Vehicle Driver Licensing Brad Markham Paper 3: Queuing Theory in Motor Registries Sujit Dattaray Paper 4: Surveys of Unauthorised Driving Don Carseldine Paper 5: National Road Transport Commission Activities Bob Pearson Paper 6: Safe-T-Cam Chris Murdoch Paper 7: Managing Driver Behaviour in Conditions of Congestion and Delay Andrew Mehaffey Paper 8: RTA Vehicle - Based Emission Control Initiatives Ross Jones Paper 9: Traffic Control at Work Sites Laurie Dowling Paper 10: SIS Implementation Brian Morrison Paper 11: Sharing the Main Street Ashok Mehta Paper 12: Issues Arising from Traffic & Environment Management Ray Brindle Paper 13: New Specification and Mix Characteristics for Asphalt Greg Hall & Rowan Morrison Paper 14: Surveillance of Asphalt Contracts Ross Abraham Paper 15: Cold Asphalt Recycling Chris Rootsey & John Rebbechi Paper 16: Use of Waste Products in Pavements Ian Stewart Paper 17: Highway Median Barrier Gates Ken Whittney Paper 18: Road Technology Advances Steve Williamson Paper 19: Third International Conference on Managing Pavements Grant Sheldon & Malcolm Frost APPENDICES Appendix A WORKSHOP PROGRAM Appendix B WORKSHOP ATTENDANCE
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