Compulsory wearing of seat belts: a feasibility study : TARU 6/70

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Compulsory wearing of seat belts: a feasibility study : TARU 6/70
Traffic Accident Research Unit (TARU), Department of Motor Transport
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Analysis is made of the questions to be resolved in the event of a decision at Govenment level to introduce compulsory wearing of seat belts by vehicle occupants generally. Consequently, the arguments for and against compulsion itself are not discussed, neither is the efficacy of belts in the reduction of injuries. The factors examined are not applicable to New South Wales only; they operate in all similar communities. Exeptions are suggested on grounds of medical and other personal characteristics such as age, occupational factors and the unsuitability of existing belts for particular vehicle types. A two-year timetable for the compulsory retro-fitting of seat belts (as an esential pre-requisite) is suggested, it being implicit that the programme as a whole can be deferred to suit a commencing date later than proposed. Intensified public education is suggested in order to counter firmly-held but unfounded objections and so that greater voluntary compliance with any compulsory-wearing law may be encouraged. Closer consultation with seat belt manufactureres to eliminate features inimical to increased seat belt usage is propsed.
New South Wales
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