Breath-alcohol vehicle interlock : TARU 7/80

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Breath-alcohol vehicle interlock : TARU 7/80
Traffic Accident Research Unit (TARU), Department of Motor Transport
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Investigations by the New South Wales Department of Motor Transport's Traffic Accident Research Unit over the past two years, into ways of reducing excessive drink-driving, have led to the firm conclusion that the best approach is one covering a wide front which should include some means of attempting to change the behaviour of drivers and riders directly, rather than relying entirely on attempting to change their attitudes to drink-driving which is particularly difficult when riders and drivers are already under the influence of alcohol. This view has received support both in Australia and overseas, but no effective method of changing behaviour directly has been developed so far. Tenders are invited for the design and supply of three prototype interlocks for fitment to motor vehicles. Lach interlock shall determine the level of alcohol concentration by analysing a deep lung sample of breath of a potential driver and shall prevent vehicle operation at a predetermined level of alcohol. Each successful tenderer will be required to design and supply three units in accordance with the requirements below. The tendered units will be evaluated by the Department, or by its representatives. This specification is intended to serve as a guide to requirements.
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