Princes Highway upgrade : Termeil Creek : review of environmental factors : volume 2

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Princes Highway upgrade : Termeil Creek : review of environmental factors : volume 2
Roads and Maritime Services
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Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) (formerly the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority) proposes to upgrade and realign about 1.6 kilometres of the Princes Highway at Termeil Creek (the proposal). This would include replacing the existing Termeil Creek Bridge with a new three span bridge. The Princes Highway would be realigned for about 1.1 kilometres north of the bridge and would be widened by about three metres for 0.5 kilometres south of the bridge. The proposal forms part of ongoing upgrades of the Princes Highway which is an important passenger and freight transport corridor and is a major route for tourism with peaks during holiday periods. The existing Termeil Creek Bridge is approaching the end of its practical life and the northern approach to the bridge has a substandard alignment and consequent safety concerns. The proposal is needed to improve the road safety and traffic efficiency of this section of road and would be in line with other road improvement activities on the Princes Highway The purpose of this review is to describe the proposal, to document the likely impacts of the proposal on the environmental and to detail protective measures to be implemented.
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